About Baby Bliss Ultrasound

Baby Bliss Ultrasound is a family owned business that is focused on providing an inviting atmosphere, warm smiles and beautiful photos of your newest addition. We aim to provide a clean, luxurious environment that promotes relaxation as you enjoy your ultrasound scan. We would love to help you and you get to know your little one before the big day... Learn More

Gender Reveals as early as 16WEEKS!!

We offer accurate results with a flawless guarentee! If your baby doesn't give us a good view then come back for FREE on another day of your choice!!!


What to Expect

When you arrive at BabyBliss you can always expect warm, friendly faces. We understand the importance of this special day for you and your family and we will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your visit to BabyBliss. This means we don't overbook our appointments so there is virtually no wait time, we offer re-scans for any family... Learn More

Client Testimonials

Megan at Baby Bliss is amazing!!!!! My husband and I were blown away with her! She is so welcoming and made us feel right at home. She knew my concerns and worked with the baby until we saw every angle. Completely different than a doctor type environment. It was amazing just to watch our baby move around and not be rushed out of there. She was so patient with us and seemed like she was enjoying it as much as we were! I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest this for any expectant mother. It was so reassuring for us and such a beautiful experience. In fact we plan on being regulars! We live in Indy and NO where here does this great of job for anywhere near her rates, plus she works with you on appt times! Places in Indy area 8a-5p and are VERY strict with their appts and times. We just loved it and my husband said the experience made him finally feel like he connected with the baby! I could go on for days, we were beaming afterwards! I literally cant wait to go back!
-Kelly, Indianapolis

We had an amazing experience! Megan was awesome and made everyone feel comfortable explaining everything she was doing. Definitely one of the most exciting days for our family so far!!
-Amanda, Lafayette

This place is absolutely amazing they gave my family a once in a lifetime experience we will never forget and it's way better than any ultrasound you will get at a doctors office and the pricing is very reasonable I give this place 5 stars :)
-Faith, West Lafayette

This was my first time here and the staff and ultrasound tech were so kind and welcoming. The environment is beautiful and really neat. The tech really enjoyed looking at my baby and we both agreed on how cute he is :-)
We plan to go back at 32 weeks for some chubby cheek pictures of our little guy. So thankful this place opened so close to home here in Lafayette.

Thanks, Baby Bliss Ultrasound
-Tammy, West Lafayette

I had an absolutely wonderful time during my ultrasound. Megan was very kind and explained everything she was doing in a way that put me at ease and helped me to understand exactly what she was seeing and looking for. It is truly amazing to see the pictures'it really makes the whole pregnancy experience seem more real. It was always hard to imagine it was a baby inside of me. I could feel it kick and move, but the only thing I could picture was the dull image of the black and white ultrasound. When I had my 3D/4D ultrasound, my heart skipped a beat.He's not a shadow, he's not a skeleton. He is my son. He has his daddy's nose and my lips. He's real. And he's inside of me growing. My son is beautiful. The whole family loved the pictures and the tape. I e-mailed his picture to everyone I knew and introduced my soon-to-be-born son. Though technology is a beautiful thing, my experience would not have been the same without Megan and I will request to see her in my future pregnancies.
- Sarah, Williamsport